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I've written two picture books. One of them, Tornado Slim and the Magic Cowboy Hat (Two Lions, 2012) won a Storytelling award from Western Writers of America.


Little Fox

I've worked with Little Fox, a Korean ESL website and app, since 2010, as both an editor and writer. I wrote fiction and non-fiction series while adhering to strict guidelines for word count, sentence length, and reading level. I adapted classic works of literature, including White Fang, Journey to the West, and Snow White. I created and wrote original series.

Cricket Media

I'm a monthly contributor to Cobblestone Magazine, an American history magazine geared toward children ages 9-14. I write and illustrate the department Going Global. 

Caramel Tree

I wrote non-fiction units for ELLs in Korea. Materials were aimed at students in Grades 6 and 7. Topics included art history, education, careers, and the environment. 


I wrote short fiction pieces, along with questions and other activities, for a series of Language Arts workbooks. I also designed fun activities that teach specific grammar skills. The workbook levels ranged from Grades 3-6.

Jump Start Press

I wrote leveled readers for Grades K-3, with strict guidelines regarding ratio of high-frequency words to decodable words.

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